Voice from your future past (2021)


Son.AR project is the result of a collaboration between Art Republic and Mote Studio, a Berlin-based studio whose practice addresses arts and sound. Son.AR`s work investigates the boundaries of sound, space and virtuality in relation to architectue, music, poetry, bodies and social interelations. 

In 2021, the group presented Voices From Your Future Past - a sound installation and sound work which uses the voice as a compositional instrument reflecting upon shadows and presences in virtual technologies and their aural construction. It was presented as a multi-channel concert and an augmented reality sound installation in several public spaces of Oslo, and premiered during Ultima Festival 2021.

The installation was located in 3 areas across the city of Oslo, Kubaparken by the river /Akerselva, at the Akershus Fortress and the roof of The Norwegian Opera & Ballet. The audience was invited to take a journey through these locations, seeking out physical-virtual sites of aural experiences.

The artwork could be experienced individually at each location or as a sound walk. The audio dramaturgies is characterised by extended vocal techniques spatialised by a 3d audio render engine interacting with the listener's position and distance in space. The video shows one of the three scenes, the one called "a" which features musical choirs. The audio in the video is recorded in binaural.

Voices From Your Future Past was conceived by sound artists and composers Davide Luciani, Fabio Perletta, and spatial sound artist Jordan Juras in collaboration with Norwegian artist and singer Stine Janvin. It was curated by Daniela Arriado, produced by Art Republic and Mote Studio, and co-commissioned by Ultima Festival 2021.

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Oslo Public Space, premiered at Ultima Festival, Oslo, Norway
September 2021 – December 2022

Blå, Oslo, NO
16 September 2021

Lietze Mon Amour, UdK, DE
29 October 2021


Created by Davide Luciani, Fabio Perletta in collaboration with Jordan Juras and Stine Janvin
Presented by Son.AR 
Curated by Daniela Arriado
Produced by Art Republic, Mote Studio
Co-comissioned by Ultima Festival 2021
Text: Lottie Sebes, Davide Luciani
Sound Recordings: Jordan Juras, Davide Luciani
Production: Art Republic, Mote Studio, Ultima Festival 
Production Assistant: Silje Anette Teigen


Concept: Davide Luciani, Fabio Perletta, Jordan Juras
Sound Composition: Davide Luciani, Fabio Perletta
Spatial Composition: Jordan Juras
Curation: Daniela Arriado
UI Development: Mauro Ferrario


Sound and spatial composition: Davide Luciani, Fabio Perletta
Voice: Stine Janvin

Supported by Koro - Public Art Norway, Instituto Italiano di Cultura Oslo, The German Embassy in Oslo.



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