Matěj Al-Ali & Tomáš Moravec, Silos (2015), mobile video sculpture. Commissioned by SCB. Photo by Hans Edward Hammonds

Screen City Biennial 
2015, Labour and The City in-between

Matěj Al Ali (CZ) / Nils Henrik Asheim (NO) / Rosa Barba (IT) / Martin Blažíček (CZ) / Antje Ehmann (DE) & Harun Farocki (DE) / Katharina Gruzei (AT) / Dan Gregor (CZ) / Ane Hjort Guttu (NO) / Kateřina Koutná (CZ) / Tomáš Moravec (CZ) / Greg Pope (UK) / Michal Pustějovský (CZ/UK) / Pjoni (SK) /Veronika Vlková (CZ) / Beathe C. Rønning (NO) /Ján Šicko (SK) / AniScreen (CZ) / Knut Åsdam (NO)

Curated by Daniela Arriado and Martin Mazanec


Dan Gregor & Michal Pustějovský (CZ), Simulacra (2015), live audio visual projection. Commissioned by SCB. Photo by Hans Edward Hammonds.


Pjoni, Jan Šicko and Nils Henrik Asheim, XYZ (2015), live A/V. Commissioned by SCB. Photo by Hans Edward Hammonds.


 Knut Åsdam, MobilEgress (2013-2015), a lorry with a film installation. Photo by Damian Heinisch


 Knut Åsdam, MobilEgress (2013-2015), a lorry with a film installation. Photo by Damian Heinisch

Screen City Biennial (SCB) is the first Nordic Art Biennial dedicated to the expanded moving image. It presents artworks that explore the relation between image, sound, new technologies, public and digital spaces. The architecture of the city facilitates an exhibition of new formats and the use of moving images in contemporary artistic practices. The program combines exhibitions, screenings, installations in public spaces, a talk program and the research platform SCB Journal. The Biennial presents, explores and expands the moving ‘image’ as a radical temporal art form along established and experimental artistic trajectories and in critical dialogue with the current urban sphere and context in the city.

Screen City Biennial was established in Stavanger, Norway. SCB is mobile and rotate between cities, in close collaboration with local and international art institutions and organizations. The next edition will take place in 2022 and in Oslo.

Screen City Biennial 2015, was titled Labour and The City In-between, and responded in light of the European post-industrial climate we confronted in 2015, a climate that left us with fluctuating definitions of labour, exploitation of labour, and an unknown economic future. SCB 2015 focused on labour migration as this related to Stavanger’s state of change with regard to industrial, architectural and social spaces and an unstable economic future. Labour and The City In-between was part of Festivals of Live Cinema - a collaboration between the Czech (PAF) and Art Republic. It was curated by Daniela Arriado and Martin Mazanec. 

SCB 2015 supported the production of several new artworks for Stavanger’s public space, in locations such as the old industrial eastside part of the city, the façade of the Concert Hall, and live cinema for Tou Scene.

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