Son.AR group is an artistic and research project whose mission is to explore the fields of sonic arts, augmented reality, virtuality and mobile applications. The project has been created in collaboration between Art Republic and Mote Studio, a Berlin-based studio whose practice addresses arts, design and sound. 

Son.AR’s team is currently composed by media-sound-computer artists: Davide Luciani, Fabio Perletta and Jordan Juras, and curator-producer Daniela Arriado.

The group’s aim is to explore new practices of sound art, music and aural experiences production in dialogue with virtuality and physical spaces, using the immediacy of mobile technologies as means to enhance new artwork formats, expanding media and reshaping the contemporary fruition of sonic and media arts in public space.

Son.AR’s team produced in 2019 the first spatial-sound-guide, in the city of Stavanger, developing an app for mobile smartphones, combining augmented reality, GPS localisation, ambisonics - a 3D surround sound system - with spatial sound composition.

Son.AR is currently focusing on researching and expanding their mobile-smartphone application to develop artworks in four fundamental fields: sound art, spatial music composition, aural architecture studies, immersive sonic formats in dialogues with visual and media arts (i.e. expanded cinema, new radio, mixed media spaces, etc.).

— Screen City Biennial X Son.AR 

Son.AR pilot 1.0 was developed in 2019 and designed as a hybrid app between guide and sonic augmented reality in the vicinity of the Screen City Biennial (2019) venues, serving as navigation assistance as well as a visual orientation within the city and harbour of Stavanger. It also provided users with aural and textual information about the works, artists, program and exhibition venues.
The Son.AR pilot 2019 was commissioned by the Screen City Biennial and supported by Stavanger Sentrum/Byen and Stavanger City Council.

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