Son.AR project is the result of a collaboration between the Norwegian Art production platform Art Republic run by curator and producer Daniela Arriado - and Mote Studio, a Berlin-based studio run by Italian artists Davide Luciani and Fabio Perletta, whose practice addresses arts and sound. Together with spatial sound artist Jordan Juras, the group gathered to conceive a series of artworks and projects exploring public art and new practices and formats for sonic and media arts.
In 2019, Mote Studio and Art Republic created the foundation for Son.AR. Their first project aimed to develop an avant-garde AR sonic-navigation application for mobile phones, dedicated to the fourth edition of Screen City Biennial in Norway.They combined augmented reality with dynamic music compositions, using GPS location and rendering ambisonic virtual spaces into binaural sound experiences.


In 2020, Son.AR evolved into an artistic collective and curatorial-research project investigating the concept of virtuality, presence and embodiment in relation to sonic arts and public spaces.
The group’s practice combines conceptual development, sound composition and speculative approaches to audio spatialisation techniques and sonic augmented reality.

Their work investigates the fundamental boundaries of sound and AR for architectural, musical, emotional, somatic and social exploration.
It currently makes use of mobile applications to enhance technological accessibility and facilitate the mediation of hybrid environments. 


July 2021
Residency at ICST and the Immersive Arts Space at ZHdK, Zurich (CH)

September 15-25, 2021
"Voices From Your Future Past", Ultima Festival, Oslo (NO)

Past Projects

Oct 2019
Screen City Biennial 2019 X Son.AR, Stavanger (NO)
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Art Republic is a platform dedicated to art and new technology in public and online space. The platform explores the relation between image, sound and architecture – seeking to expand the borders of the cinematic experience. Art Republic curates and commissions moving images, sound art, interactive and immersive site-specific art installations and online screenings.