Today we are witnessing an emerging line of digital platforms for exhibiting and distributing the moving image, which has opened up a new path for independent online curatorial work, events and biennials. When dealing with global subjects we need to explore the proper ways to reach a global audience and take advantage of the Internet’s social, cultural and political potential for distributing artistic content beyond borders and restrictions. Art Republic wishes to encourage this effort and highlight the artists and curators forging this path.

The KunstTV channel consists of programs of moving image art especially curated for online view, also available for public and semi-public spaces like hotels, terminals and urban screens. It is inspired by the current impact of expanded media and technologies for the exhibition and diffusion of art, and intends to occupy spaces other than the art institutions for the circulation of moving images. The channel aims at presenting works by both established and emerging artists, selected and curated for this specific format.

The KunstTV channel was launched in conjunction with the Screen City Biennial 2019, in collaboration with Clarion Hotel in Stavanger, Norway. The program presented works by Ursula Biemann, Emilija Škarnulytė, Luiz Roque and Michelle-Marie Letelier, curated by Daniela Arriado and Vanina Saracino.

During the period of October – December 2020, KunstTV will present several programs, including a selection of the Screen City Biennial 2019, 360° videos, podcasts and interviews of artists and curators, bringing forwards new ideas around climate action in the irreversible decisions of the time, and how to counteract its structural speed – in strong relation to the current corona situation.


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Art Republic is a platform dedicated to art and new technology in public and online space. The platform explores the relation between image, sound and architecture – seeking to expand the borders of the cinematic experience. Art Republic curates and commissions moving images, sound art, interactive and immersive site-specific art installations and online screenings.